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Trust Nothing - Verify Everything. Bad people do bad things. But so do stupid people if the tools they work with allow them to do so. Building a Zero Trust infrastructure requires verifying users are who they say they are; they are where they ought to be; they are using a device they are supposed to use; they are coming through a known channel; they are accessing applications/functions/data/APIs for which they have been granted the rights to do so; and they are doing it in a manner which is consistent with prior behaviour.

CTRL-A, built on IBM technology, helps address the core requirements of an access management platform in the context of Zero Trust by providing:

Strong Authentication

Adaptive/Risk Based


Strong Authentication

Enabling strong control of your critical assets, even on a mobile device, is a core feature of the CTRL-A product. Strong mobile multi-factor authentication helps you allow, challenge or deny mobile requests based on risk factors such as geographic location and IP reputation.

Risk Based Authentication

Harnessing the power of a cloud-based service, risk based access controls can now be embedded within your authentication flow with a fully featured, context-aware authorization engine which uses information about users, devices, sessions, location & network without interfering with the user's journey unnecessarily.


CTRL-A's federation technology helps you securely integrate third party SaaS applications into your existing infrastructure while providing your users with a frictionless Single Sign-On experience across devices.

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