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Our experience with the IBM product suite spans the decades and the various IBM brands, from Tivoli to Security and now Verify.

IBM Security Verify Access

Do you need web based Authentication? Need reverse proxying and load-balancing? Want to restrict access based on complex authorisation rules? Want Single Sign On using the latest protocols?

The chances are you want a product like IBM Security Access Verify. The core WebSEAL functionality hasn't changed much in almost two decades but it has evolved into a powerful tool that has become a lot easier to manage now that it has grown up into an appliance.

IBM Security Verify Governance

The move from identity management to identity governance was a subtle shift in focus a number of years ago. Instead of managing who had access to what, there was a realisation that maybe it couldn't be managed and we needed to be a bit more reactive to what was actually going on within an enterprise. Verify Governance instead focuses on reporting on access, mining for roles and defining risks as the new way of managing identities.

IBM's flagship governance tool is a market leading IGA platform which ships with a wealth of features. Like all feature rich products, however, the introduction of a governance tool requires significant business process re-engineering. Our consultants have been round the block or two when it comes to these programmes of work and can help you get the benefit of Verify for Governance.

Other Tools

IBM ship middleware to support their core technologies and our consultants are experts in

  • IBM Security Directory Server
  • IBM Security Directory Integrator
  • IBM DB2
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server

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