Introducing UMT

31 May, 2023, by Rachel Swann

User management can be a huge headache, particularly if you have a high number of third party users clamouring to have access to your critical assets.

Most IGA tools provide great integration with HR Management Systems. However, HR departments oftentimes refuse to take on the management of non-employees resulting in a gap that IGA tools find difficult to bridge! We’ve been working hard to develop a solution for the management of third-party users who might cause a problem to your usual practices and are proud to present our User Management Tool (UMT).

We know how dangerous mismanagement of third-party users can be to your cybersecurity. Apparently ~30% of all user accounts are orphans (or not assigned an appropriate owner) and many of those are for third-party users! And even if ownership is appropriately assigned, there is still the issue of offboarding! Many old third-party users still retain access to systems around the world that they should not have access to.

There’s a lot of administration involved in keeping your systems up to date and your users accurate. But that’s where UMT comes in! UMT will co-exist and integrate with your current IGA tool of choice. The platform makes it easy for you to onboard and keep track of your third-party users with features such as:

  • User type customisation
  • Schema and form customisation
  • Delegated administration
  • Life-cycle rule definitions
  • Comprehensive reporting

In short, UMT offers a range of options to remove the hassle of third-party identity management. You'll never have to worry about users getting lost in the system ever again!

While UMT comes pre-loaded with user types like Supplier, Vendor, Consultant and Work-Experience Student, the platform also supports the creation of user type definitions to support your business. Give your user type a name, a description, and approval rules to make compliance and security easier and smoother for everyone. And don't be thinking you are restricted to human user types. If you want to create a user type called Thing or Robot, you are quite at liberty to do so. You are only limited by your own imagination.

The life-cycling capabilities provided out-of-the-box are normally sufficient for most use cases, but the tool provides a comprehensive life-cycle rule editor to allow you to build your own rules.

And if you find the task of user management too strenuous for one person, there’s no need to worry! With UMT you can delegate those administrative responsibilities to your trusted employees and/or partners. You can delegate work based on roles and responsibilities, making it easier to keep on top of your users.

Basically, UMT is a highly adaptable tool for your third-party user management needs, with enough customisation options to fit any requirements you might have.

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