Free Talking - Episode 3

12 August, 2021, by Natasha Free

What Does A Business Need From Identity & Access Management?

Listen in to hear Natasha Free answer the question: "What Does A Business Need From Identity & Access Management?"


Questioner: In this episode of Free Talking, we ask "what does a business need from Identity and Access Management"?

Natasha: Obviously security is the number one concern here. What is going to make access to my systems secure? Single Sign On gives you better user experience. Multi-Factor Authentication is now seen as essential but does come with its own unique difficulties. Ultimately, we'd all be happier with passwordless authentication.

Natasha:  So, some way to manage my passwords; help people get into business systems; I want excellent user experience particularly if I'm selling to customers online. I want a full user life-cycle management; Joiner-Mover-Leaver for all user types: contractors, partners, customers. I want to be able to run certification campaigns to decrease the risk of any anomalies or risky entitlement combinations.

Natasha: Leavers get a lot of focus but there are audit points for how quickly new users get access to assets needed to do their jobs. I want to be able to see, I want to be able to show the auditors what happens with my joiners, my movers and my leavers.

Natasha: Most data breaches are caused by internal users. Privileged access management tools should allow you to discover, secure and manage administrative accounts. I want to be compliant and able to demonstrate that. Not only am I looking at being compliant, but I want to be able to easily demonstrate that compliance to the auditors.

Natasha: From a day-to-day operational standpoint, a good IAM strategy and tool can give you a centralised viewpoint and allow ease of policy making and changing of those policies. You get a better view of risks to business and potentially be ready for the next audit point. It's GDPR today, what's it going to be tomorrow?

Natasha: It would also be nice if identity and access management tools could help me find some reduction in operational cost by automating some of the mundane administrative stuff. There are certainly tools out there that do that. And an increase in productivity would be a bonus. More uptime. All of these things are achievable with the toolsets out there.

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