ISVG - Advanced Rules

18 February, 2021, by Stephen Swann

The video above is Episode 7 in our IBM Security Verify Governance webinar series. It covers the concepts of Java Rules, how they are used, what an advanced rule is and will show you a rule in action.

To help you with your Rule Development you should check out the JavaDoc and evaluate the Rule Development Toolkit.


The Rule Development Toolkit is a project for the Eclipse java IDE (integrated development environment) and it can be found in the that can be downloaded from Passport Advantage. It is an Eclipse based project designed to help develop and execute the Rule Engine logic in a local environment and it contains the following:

  • Verify Governance SDK jar files
  • A subset of open source libraries in use by Verify Governance
  • A subset of Verify Governance configuration files that are required by the rule engine
  • The file that you can use to configure all the toolkit services
  • A set of runnable Java classes

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