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10 May, 2024, by Natasha Free

Recognising the changing digital threats to your council is the first step in protecting your residents. With technology underpinning vital service delivery, and the wealth of sensitive information these systems hold, councils are an easy target for sophisticated cyberattacks. An essential tool for evaluating the cybersecurity readiness of your council and pinpointing areas in need of development is the LGA Cyber 360 Framework.

Understanding the LGA Cyber 360 Framework

Designed by the Local Government Association, this framework offers an organised, all-encompassing method for enhancing council cybersecurity. The framework places significant emphasis on flexibility and adaptability in recognition of the distinct problems and disparate risk profiles faced by various councils.

The main elements:

  • Leadership & Governance: The framework stresses the importance of strong cybersecurity leadership and clear accountability at senior management levels. This ensures cybersecurity is integrated into strategic decision-making, with adequate resources and support dedicated to its implementation.
  • Risk Management: Councils need a comprehensive risk management process specifically focused on digital assets and operations. This includes identifying potential threats, assessing their likelihood and potential impact, and implementing tailored mitigation strategies.
  • Data Security: Protecting sensitive council data is paramount. The framework advocates for robust access controls, encryption (both in transit and at rest), secure storage practices, and regular data backups to address threats like unauthorised access or ransomware attacks.
  • Asset Management: Maintaining a detailed inventory of hardware, software, and cloud-based assets is essential for informed security measures. A centralised asset list enables councils to identify potential vulnerabilities, track updates, and decommission outdated or unsupported systems.
  • Supply Chain Security: Third-party vendors with access to council systems pose a potential risk. The framework outlines the need to assess and manage these vendor relationships, incorporating cybersecurity requirements into contracts and establishing clear processes for incident reporting and response.
  • Incident Response: Despite preventative measures, cyberattacks remain a real risk. The LGA Cyber 360 Framework emphasises having well-defined incident response plans that should cover everything from initial detection and reporting to containment, eradication, and recovery, ensuring a swift and coordinated response to minimise damage.

Benefits of taking part:

  • Increased confidence in managing your council's cyber risks.
  • A better understanding of what “good” looks like in cyber security.
  • A wide scope, considering leadership, governance, and risk management.
  • An opportunity to reflect on improvement areas in a confidential environment.
  • The potential to save resources on cyber training and awareness.

Madigan Solutions: Specialists in Council Security

Madigan Solutions excels in simplifying complex Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions. We provide world-class consultancy to streamline access management, ensuring only authorised individuals possess the right level of permissions within your systems. In addition, our expertise extends far beyond the LGA Cyber 360 Framework, encompassing a robust suite of security solutions for comprehensive council protection.

Our Key Solutions for Council Cybersecurity

  • Identity Governance & Administration (IGA): Streamline user provisioning, de-provisioning, and access rights management with IBM Security Verify Governance for strong security and compliance.
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM): Mitigate the considerable risk of compromised privileged credentials with IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault, ensuring robust monitoring and controls.
  • Third-Party User Management (Madigan Partner Identity): Our tailored Partner Identity solution allows secure, controlled access, limiting external vendor risks while maintaining ease of collaboration.
  • Data Security Posture Management: Gain in-depth insights into sensitive data holdings, access controls, and potential vulnerabilities with IBM Guardium for proactive protection.
  • Attack Surface Management: IBM Randori simulates realistic adversarial tactics, proactively identifying attack vectors before they can be exploited for a breach.
  • Unified Endpoint Management: Safeguard council-owned devices from unauthorised use through strict controls and remote management capabilities with IBM MaaS360.

Why Prioritise Council Cybersecurity?

  • Uninterrupted Services: Protect critical infrastructure to ensure residents consistently receive the services they rely on.
  • Gain Trust: A robust security stance safeguards sensitive data, preventing unauthorised access and mitigating the risk of damaging data breaches.
  • Regulatory Confidence: Work within the LGA Cyber 360 Framework and relevant data protection laws, minimising the risk of fines and reputational harm.

The Madigan Solutions Difference

We understand the unique cybersecurity challenges facing local councils. Our commitment to world-class IAM solutions, coupled with our broad range of integrated security offerings, ensures your council has the tools needed for layered defence in the complex threat landscape we face today.

How Madigan Solutions Enhances Your LGA Cyber 360 Journey

Our expertise in areas like Identity & Access Management aligns perfectly with the core focus of the program. Here are just a few ways we support your success:

  • Risk Assessment: Identify vulnerabilities and potential access risks covered by the Cyber 360 process.
  • Leadership & Governance: Our IAM solutions ensure clear policy creation, streamlined processes, and empowered accountability that aligns with the Framework's best practices.
  • Technical Expertise: We make the technology aspect of the Cyber 360 less daunting, with a focus on secure configurations and ongoing management.

Contact Madigan Solutions to explore our ready-made solutions and discuss how we can help you confidently implement the LGA Cyber 360 Framework and achieve superior security.

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