Score Prophet Returns For Euro 2024

09 June, 2024, by Stephen Swann

What is Score Prophet?

Think you know who's going to lift the trophy? Confident about which dark horse will surprise everyone? With Score Prophet, your predictions aren't just guesses – they're your ticket to the top of the leaderboard. Compete with friends, family, and fans from across the continent for the ultimate bragging rights.

As the UEFA Euro 2024 championships draw near, the excitement is building, and so is the anticipation for the return of our beloved Score Prophet game. Following its smashing success during the FIFA World Cup 2022, Score Prophet is back to make your Euro 2024 experience even more thrilling.

This innovative game lets you predict match outcomes and go head-to-head with other fans for the title of ultimate football oracle. Developed by us here at Madigan Solutions, Score Prophet showcases the ease of building cutting-edge applications using IBM Cloud technologies and IBM Security Verify.

New and Improved for Euro 2024

This year, Score Prophet is levelling up with enhanced features that will take your game-playing enjoyment to the next level. With seamless integration into the Euro 2024 schedule, you'll be gripped from the group stages right through to the final whistle. Predict match outcomes and scorelines and watch as your predictions come to life on the pitch. Score Prophet gives you the platform to prove your footballing IQ and beat your friends to become the Euro 2024 Score Prophet.

Join the Fun and Predict Your Way to Glory!

Join a growing community of footie fanatics who are ready to put their prediction prowess to the test. Whether you're a seasoned pundit or a casual supporter looking to spice up your Euro 2024 viewing, Score Prophet has something for everyone. Get involved, climb the leaderboards, and maybe even earn bragging rights amongst your mates!

From the opening whistle in Munich to the final showdown in Berlin, Euro 2024 promises a month-long carnival of footballing brilliance.

Get Ready to Play!

Don't miss out on the footy frenzy of Euro 2024. Sign up for Score Prophet today and join a community of passionate fans who are ready to celebrate the beautiful game in style. Whether you're gunning for the top spot on the leaderboards or simply want a fresh way to enjoy the tournament, sign up and get ready for a summer of football glory!

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