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Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

The scale of systems connectedness and the expansion of Cloud computing has forced application providers to re-think their approach to cyber-security. The increase in potential risks to business and service mean that we have entered the age of Zero Trust: Trust Nothing - Verify Everything.

Achieving Zero Trust, however, cannot be achieved using a single product. Instead, a suite of tools is required to provide the defences that businesses need.

IBM Security Verify Governance (SVG) helps address the core requirements of an identity governance platform in the context of Zero Trust by providing:

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The fact that 49% of IT Professionals retain access to their ex-employer's network is a startling statistic. Organisations who already believe they have control over their user community struggle to effectively disable access in a timely manner. However, it is not difficult to resolve this issue.

SVG has integral rules to ensure that user's entitlements and access is removed at the right time. Additionally, SVG ensures that users get the right entitlements when they join or change teams.

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Governance Analytics


SVG brings a wealth of analytical reports and dashboards to a variety of user communities. SVG provides the right information to the right people at the right time to allow them to make informative decisions.

SVG adds a wealth of reports and data extracts that are appropriate for your business such as:

  • Risk scoring and mitigating controls
  • Orphan account analysis and remediation
  • Role discovery and mining
  • Entitlement assignments that deviate from peers' assignments
  • Entitlements that were approved by someone who is no longer with the company
  • Headcounts per organisation/division/department

Instead of highlighting toxic combination of roles or the assignment of risky permissions, the SVG platform can take your identity analytics to a new level by by seeking out outliers across your enterprise systems and triggering the automatic remediation or re-certification of such entitlement assignments.

Got yourself a Data Lake? Ready-made data extract capabilities are provided with CTRL-G to allow data to be exported as and when you need it.

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4 out of 5 users have unnecessary access (according to a recent study by a popular retailer).

Verifying that proper access has been assigned on a periodic basis should address that issue right?

Wrong! Consider this question: Does Jane Jones still require access to the entitlement Abc2178253971051 on the SAP-ERG-PRD system? Who knows? Maybe not even Jane herself!

Instead we could ask: Does Jane still need access to the Open Sales Opportunities capability on the CRM system? And there is a chance that both Jane and her Department Manager might be able to answer that question.

With SVG we have a business-centric approach to asking the questions that ensure that the entitlements assigned to end users accurately reflect their expected business activities.

No more guessing. No more assumptions. No more unnecessary access rights assigned.

Furthermore, wouldn’t it be great if Jane's access to the Open Sales Opportunities capability on the CRM system could be re-certified by the swipe of a finger?

Friction-free approvals embedded into the enterprise communication tool of choice is no longer a pipedream. With SVG you can easily action approval requests from within Microsoft Teams or Slack, making for a better end-user experience whether you’re Jane or Jane’s manager.

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