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Privileged Access Management (PAM)

There are times when your team need to elevate their privileges. But those times don't need to induce a mild panic on your part. With a PAM tool, you can provide your system administrators with a way to get privileged access to critical systems for only the amount of time they need it. Crucially, PAM can also record the privileged sessions for forensic examination, if required.

IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault helps you build your Zero Trust architecture by providing:

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PAM blog articles

PAM - Notes From The Field
Notes from the field
How do you best organise your secrets? A solid folder structure aligned with your business is a good start.
PAM - Padlock Style
The State of PAM
Most breaches are caused by stolen or compromised credentials. But a robust PAM deployment can reduce your attack surface significantly.
PAM - Risk Management
Risk management
Sprint your way to password vaulting and embed a Zero Standing Privileges (ZSP) principle into your organisation.

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