Six Sprints To IAM Success

How to re-energise your identity programme

All organisations have embarked on some form of journey towards Identity & Access Management maturity – not many have come anywhere close to achieving it.

Time, money, and effort have been expended in vast quantities over many years attempting to address what are seemingly resolvable issues. For many organisations, too much time has been spent in the trough of disillusionment. However, now is the time to climb that slope of enlightenment and reboot your IAM programme with our Six Sprints to IAM Success covering:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication enablement
  • Password vaulting and privileged session management
  • Comprehensive third-party user management
  • Identity analytics and metrics
  • Friction-free access requests
  • Effective risk detection & mitigation


80% of breaches in 2019 were password related. See how quick and easy it is to introduce an additional authentication step to protect your assets.

One of the primary drivers of an identity programme is the concept that risk can be dramatically reduced. Learn how you can realise that reduction.

Sprint your way to password vaulting and embed a Zero Standing Privileges (ZSP) principle into your organisation.

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