3rd Party User Management

Tired of dealing with complex user onboarding (and offboarding) processes for your non-HR managed users?

Sign up for Madigan Solutions’ UMT toady for an easier way to manage your suppliers, vendors & contractors.


UMT is a 3rd party user management tool that allows you to delegate and distribute the administration of users who sit outside the control of your HR processes. Take control of your vendors, suppliers, contractors, consultants, work-experience students, robots, and more with features such as:

  • User creation & management (based on manager, supplier or user type relationships)
  • Report creation, scheduling and downloading
  • Customisable lifecycle rules
  • Customisable schema
  • Integration with IBM Security Verify

Madigan Solutions UMT – user management made easy

How can you take control of your non-human entities? How many exist in your environment?

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Can you simplify your user lifecycle management? Simon Young thinks you can.

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Identity governance in a high-churn retail world is painful, but it doesn't have to be that way.

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